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16th September 2014


Suppose we had a [unemployment benefits] system that says to people: “Look, whatever job you find, we’re going to provide a benefit that ensures you will get wages to match your last job.” We’ll do that for three months, five months, six months. Now, to somebody who’s worried about wage loss, it’s easier for them to say, “Great. I’ll take this job and that will at least give me full replacement, much higher than what I’m getting unemployed.” … And people may tell themselves: “I’ll start looking for another job while I’m in that job.” If they find a better job, great! If they don’t, well at least we’ve now moved them into a job rather than continued unemployment.

2nd September 2014


Expensive food is more wordy →

Not only is there a class war among our food:

"We also found expensive crisps more likely to use the language of… negation (“never fried”, “no fluorescent orange”). In fact crisps cost 4 cents more per ounce for every additional “no” on the packet. This use of distinguishing language supports French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu’s theory that upper-class taste in food has the role of “distinguishing” the rich from other classes."

But good food is also apparently some kind of vice:

"When a review of an expensive restaurant was positive, writers tended to use metaphors of sex and sensual pleasure… But positive reviews of cheap restaurants and foods instead employed metaphors of drugs or addiction"

Source: ft.com

15th August 2014


Charting the names of MLB ballparks.
Just a quick sketch for my own amusement; I might tidy it up later if the mood takes me.

Charting the names of MLB ballparks.

Just a quick sketch for my own amusement; I might tidy it up later if the mood takes me.

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9th July 2014


Thanks to the Brazilian media, I think the whole world now knows the Portugese word “Vergonha” (Shame)

13th June 2014



*Please refrain from attempting to converse while simultaneously masticating.

11th June 2014

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Book titles rewritten to get more clicks, Upworthy style

Little women’s one made me choke on my tea

This one from the link though:



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6th June 2014


Randall doing what Randall does.

Randall doing what Randall does.

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3rd June 2014


Mr. Men book reviews →

Mr Small tries a succession of jobs for which he is woefully mismatched - they are all manifestly too big for him. He lacks the basic knowledge and skills to hold down any of the occupations he attempts. Does Hargreaves here break from his usual social conservatism with a damning indictment of an education system that is not adequately preparing the workforce for increasingly skilled and mechanized labour?

These are amazing

20th May 2014


This book should be the go to reference manual for all design engineers.


14th May 2014

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Boris bikes are like cops: never one when you need it & under control of a horrific Tory scumbag

12th May 2014


Sometimes the poor are praised for being thrifty. But to recommend thrift to the poor is both grotesque and insulting. It is like advising a man who is starving to eat less. For a town or country labourer to practise thrift would be absolutely immoral. Man should not be ready to show that he can live like a badly-fed animal. He should decline to live like that, and should either steal or go on the rates, which is considered by many to be a form of stealing.
— Oscar Wilde, ‘The Soul of Man Under Socialism’ (1891)

23rd April 2014


University of Cambridge test shows engineers are most autistic profession →

A 1997 study by the same guy concluded:

fathers of children with autism were more than twice as likely to be engineers

Well shit.

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2nd April 2014

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my itunes organization system is why steve jobs died


my itunes organization system is why steve jobs died